There's a recall alert on the TNT Red, White & Blue Smoke fireworks. They can explode before you want them to. Yikes! If you bought any fireworks at Meijer, Target, Walmart, Kroger, or Albertsons between May and June, you might have this defective explosive.

Those are two words you never want to hear together: Defective explosive.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a recall for this particular firework, with the barcode: 027736036561. If you bought them in Ohio, Illinois, Vermont, or Wisconsin, you could have them There have already been several burn injuries because of them.

If you have bought these, call 800-243-1189 for a full refund. That's the number for American Promotional Events, and they're open from 8-5 central time, Monday through Friday.

You can also email them to find out if you have the defective fireworks. Check their website for more info.

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