A YouTuber who made predictions about what life might look like by the year 2022 a whopping 10 years ago found many of his predictions have come true.

Tech social media personality Tom Scott recently uploaded a clip in response to a video that he shared on YouTube back in 2012 in which he made a series of predictions about the future of technology.

At the time he made the original video, he predicted that the borders of the Apple iPhones would be smaller in size and that the font would change. In addition, he believed that by 2022 the world would be covered with 5G. (4G was introduced in 2012, right before Scott uploaded his prediction video.)

But Scott also had some misses with his predictions, including his vision of a body camera-headphones hybrid device.

"It just hasn't come true, [it's] completely wrong," Scott admitted about his predicted camera system.

In 2012, he believed that civilians would have cameras recording their life 24/7, similar to police officers' body cams. Although we haven't reached the stage of recording every single moment of our day automatically, vloggers do post and live stream daily content about their lives on social media.

“So far people don’t like the idea of remembering everything and sharing that information with corporations," he noted of his proposed advancement.

Scott also predicted that iPhones would be able to track one's location and use AI technology to confirm people's identities in videos. While he incorrectly proposed that these functions would work with the aforementioned body cam headphones, he was right about how much the technology is being used today.

Along with the critiques of his past video, Scott also made some new predictions for the year 2032, which is — you guessed it — just 10 years away. One of his first beliefs is that short-form video content will reign supreme over long-form videos.

"I think short-form video is going to do to YouTube what Twitter did to blogs," he said. "People will still be making long-form video content, it will still get linked to and watched, but short-form is so much simpler that there will be so much more of it."

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