With all the food families eat during Thanksgiving, if not careful, this can be a huge problem for your plumbing.

According to WZZM, black Friday can turn into a brown Friday since the Friday after Thanksgiving is the busiest day of the year for plumbers.

While some are hitting the shopping malls and retail outlets in search of a great deal, others are in search of a plumber when the pipes get strained from the holiday extra use.

The three top reasons plumbers are called the day after Thanksgiving are, too many people using the bathroom, old plumbing and grease that gets dumped down the drain.

If don't want to have a brown Friday you may want to do a little preventative maintenance.

You may want to have your pipes cleaned before the family comes over and gets a hold of your toilet.

If you have an old toilet, you may want to think about a new one that can handle the big Thanksgiving load.

Never put grease or oil down the drains. They may be liquid when you dump them but eventually they will thicken up and help grab things that help cause a clog.

You may want to keep some of the heavy stuff like bones, celery, eggshells, pasta or potato peels out of your garbage disposal as well.

If you know you have some old pipes and/or old toilet and you have a large family coming over, you may want to research a plumber now before you wind up with a brown Friday instead of a black Friday.

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